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CALE was formed to fill a gap in the area of professional attorney associations for lawyers who practice in the field of education law.  Most areas of law have state and national associations for their areas of practice.  Until now, no such organization existed for education lawyers.  Education law is a growing field, and the lack of any attorney association in California, or nationwide, did not serve the students and families who rely on these specialized areas of law where the attorneys did not have a central organization to unite and work together.  CALE is a legal association to support lawyers in this specialized area of law.  Our mission is to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among lawyers practicing in this field to better serve the clients and communities we serve.  In conjunction with other associations working for the betterment of education and students, we form an alliance to improve access to fair, safe and equitable education for all.

Who can join?

Any California licensed attorney in good standing, with a minimum of five years in practice, with a significant portion of their practice dedicated to representing students and families in the education cases, and a minimum of 100 education cases.*

Why can only attorneys become members?

This group is a legal association limited to practicing attorneys representing students and families in the area of education law with a significate portion of their practice dedicated to education cases.  Our mission is to maintain excellence in the field of education law, by providing a forum for collaboration among lawyers specializing in these focused areas of practice. We strive to increase the competence of all education lawyers by providing education and resources for future generations of attorneys serving students and families in our State.

Who can attend the conferences?

Our conferences and events are open to all students and families, attorneys and service providers who represents students and families, and student advocates.

How do I find an education lawyer?

We assist the public by identifying competent attorneys practicing in the various areas of education law.  Our members have demonstrated expertise, as each CALE member must have completed a minimum of 100 education cases or must have other special experience or expertise sufficient to prove the high standard of knowledge and experience required for membership. CALE members dedicate themselves to providing competent, compassionate and knowledgeable assistance to clients at each stage of their education matter.

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Annual Conference

Education Law: Beyond Covid-19

A conference exploring education since going back to school post-pandemic, including trends, new laws, and educational opportunities and rights.


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If you're a lawyer who is passionate about protecting student’s rights, committed to improving education, and have been practicing for a minimum of 5 years, join us.

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