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Our mission is to foster collaboration, communication and cooperation among lawyers practicing in the field of education law to better serve our clients and communities. In conjunction with other associations working for the betterment of education and students, we aim to form an alliance to improve access to fair, safe and equitable education for all. We achieve or mission through advocacy, education and collaboration.

We advocate to improve the lives and education of students and their families by encouraging, facilitating, and actively promoting the dissemination of information and resources relating to the practice of education law and student rights in California. We will positively impact the training of current and emerging attorneys in the fields of education law in order to promote the competent practice of education law by attorneys and non-attorney advocates.

We collaborate with our vetted, experienced, competent, and ethical education lawyer members, attorneys entering this field of law, as well as other associations dedicated to serving students, and together we improve the competence of lawyers practicing in this field.

We educate other legal professionals and students and their families on student rights and resources to equip them with the knowledge, resources, and skills they need to protect and advocate for themselves, for the purpose of improving the lives and rights of students to an education that is appropriate, safe, and fair. We will keep attorneys, providers and families informed on legislative reform and laws as they relate to students’ rights.

Annual Conference

Education Law: Beyond Covid-19

A conference exploring education since going back to school post-pandemic, including trends, new laws, and educational opportunities and rights.


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