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By using this site, the user agrees to CALE’s dispute resolution policy. Prior to the filing of any lawsuit in any forum—or any complaint or other initiating document in a forum that is fairly characterized as judicial or quasi-judicial—user is required to attempt to mediate their dispute that would give rise to such an initiating document. User agrees that, should user not comply with this provision, CALE can seek a stay of all proceedings to enforce this term. Any attorneys’ fees and/or costs incurred by CALE in enforcing this term shall be recoverable by CALE. Mediation shall be conducted by a neutral third-party provider with a Statewide reputation, such as JAMS or Judicate West. The cost of the mediation shall be split equally between all parties to the dispute.

Annual Conference

Education Law: Beyond Covid-19

A conference exploring education since going back to school post-pandemic, including trends, new laws, and educational opportunities and rights.


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