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To ensure CALE provides the highest possible level of resources to the communities we serve, membership will be limited to persons who:

  1. Are licensed to practice law in the State of California; 
  2. Are in good standing with the State Bar of California; 
  3. Maintain a practice where a significant portion of their cases touch on educational issues; 
  4. Represent families and students; 
  5. Have been practicing for at least five years;
  6. Have had at least 100 cases involving educational issues; and
  7. Are referred by a current CALE member or satisfactorily complete an interview with a CALE board member. 

Annual Conference

Education Law: Beyond Covid-19

A conference exploring education since going back to school post-pandemic, including trends, new laws, and educational opportunities and rights.


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Search for experienced attorneys throughout California by region and by area of practice:

  • Special Education
  • Civil (general, class actions)
  • Appeals (written)
  • Tort (child abuse, personal injury)
  • School Discipline/Bullying
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If you're a lawyer who is passionate about protecting student’s rights, committed to improving education, and have been practicing for a minimum of 5 years, join us.

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